Saturday, September 25, 2010

Could you imagine working somewhere for 20 years?

On September 18, my boss celebrated his 20th anniversary of his employment at our hall.

I just passed my 9th anniversary, and I can't even imagine being here for 20 years.

I figured 20 years was AT LEAST worthy of a cake, so I took it upon myself to make one, and invite a few people to the office at lunch time to enjoy.

I made a chocolate chocolate-chip cake with butter-cream icing.

The cake recipe I got from Design Sponge Online, and it's called the Country Style Chocolate Chip Cake, with the recipe here.

I used a butter-cream icing recipe from (Adding some aqua food coloring for pizazz.)

Luckily, I live near Party Favors in Brookline, for all my baking supply needs, have a great kitchen supply store near by at City Housewares, and have an AWESOME friend, Ching, who let me borrow some pans!

It came out really well, despite me not having baked in a long time. I guess it's like riding a foodie bicycle.

I like how the lettering turned out, despite my unsteady hands.

I even decorated it, but almost managed to have a "Cake Wreck", because I used black icing and the little "rosettes" almost look like poops.

The inside, I was little worried, I didn't put enough icing between the layers, but it turn out just right. I really love the color contrast of the aqua and dark brown. What a fun color combination!

So many chocolate chips! I dumped in a whole bag!

Now I want cake........

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