Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. Carter

Just finished up the Elliot Carter Festival at NEC. Tonight is the last of the concerts. Just in time for stage extension and risers for other groups, both renters and conservatory groups.

The usual contemporary music "madness"...lids off pianos, lots of percussion, 500 pound harpsichord being moved all around the building.

Most of the groups were small though, so luckily we had lots of space to work with on the stage. Mr. Cater even made an appearance for a panel discussion yesterday. Apparently his comments, jokingly, was that there was way too much of his music being played, the program cover art made him look like an architect, and it sounded better than he expected (whether in reference to his music that he wrote, I don't know.)

Happy 100th Birthday, Mr. Carter.

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