Monday, July 28, 2008

Ode To Joy (Muppet's style)

After all the orchestra rehearsals that I have heard, sometimes they feel like this.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More cowbell.

Today, we had youth orchestra rehearsal in the hall.

One of the pieces was written by the conductor and is titled "JewOrleans March".

There is a small kickset used in the piece, during rehearsal I heard the conductor stop, and tell the percussionist.....

"Need more cowbell. Really have to be able to hear it over the other instruments. Even more cowbell, please."

I kid you not.

Even better, none of the kids even laughed, I think they are too young to get it!

It was pretty awesome to hear "more cowbell" in my hall.

So...I guess I do listen to classical music.

I've been getting back into the "blogging thing" again, and after dusting this one off, I realize the title might be a bit misleading for a few reasons.

1. I work in this field. I'm am surrounded by music, but usually it is just "background music". So technically, some part of my brain, at least the subconscious is hearing it.

2. After clearing and synching my iPOD, I've discover a few classical music treats have managed to find their way onto my iPod.

I've got Holst's Planets and Barber's Adagio.

The Holst recording I have was done with the Chicago Symphony conducted by James Levine, who looks to making a good recovery from recent surgery.

Both of these specific recordings were recommended by my friend Tom, when early on my days at NEC, I attempted to get a a little music appreciation. I also have a Beethoven Symphony 5 done by the BPO, or at least their conductor Ben Zander, and obtained at a BPO Gala, and has the Arthur Anderson logo on the the back. I'm keeping that one purely for that ironic logo.

"Helping you in ways you never imagined", was their motto right?

Thursday, July 17, 2008


In my feeble attempt to keep up with regular blogging, posting, and what-nots, here I go with some randomness.

This is an ad for the New England Aquarium's newest exhibit: Sharks and Rays. Featuring a little Photoshop on another Boston locale: The Hatchshell.


After living in Boston for almost 12 years, I find this amusing. At least the marine biologist in me does.


A pig who doesn't like to get dirty....his farmer/owner got him some boots, cause he was refusing to play with the other piglets.