Tuesday, July 11, 2006

EDPs, Buddy Holly glasses, scientific experiments concerning donuts, and taxidermy

Yesterday, my EDP (for those that don't know the terminology = exclusive dating partner) brought me as a "guest" to the Harvard Museum Natural History.

I love that place; it's full of dead animals. I'm completely fascinated by taxidermy.

This is not an example of what they do, but a squirrel in a canoe which is cool.

HMHM has some cool extinct animals, like dodos and golden toads. The golden toads of Coasta Rica where last seen in the 80's, much like my last bad perm. The dodo was killed off by man, like Stellar's Sea Cow and the New Zealand Moa. Belows are skeletons of the cow and moa. Moa was the largest flightless bird and the sea cow was similar to the manatee but much bigger and slower.

Anyways, maybe I should go into taxidermy, it may be my only chance to see some of the animals before they go extinct.

Some fucker in Harvard Yard made fun of my new glasses. I hope he falls off a cliff.
Though last night was an orange moon, I should have done some voodoo instead.

I've been purchasing donuts for my NEC stage crew and doing an experiment on sugar intake.

Very, very fascinating.


Christopher said...

Sugar intake? Amateurs...

xologirl said...

I'm interested in the taxidermied creatures. Maybe I visit that museum someday.

I'm also interested in you scientific experiment. I wouldn't mind performing a similar experiment involving lots of icecream...maybe I wouldn't mind participating in that one, either. My current food-science-experiment, though, is to find fun ways to enhance the mentos and diet coke experiment.

The Entire Cosmological Universal Big said...

"Some fucker in Harvard Yard made fun of my new glasses. I hope he falls off a cliff."

-- you should have punched him.

"(something about giving me doughnuts)"

--DOnt EXPERIMENT ON MeeeEE! but those doughnuts are pretty damn good!

Please become a taxidermist.

Love, Heather!