Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tired of moving.....

....and I haven't even done it yet. I'm so tired of packing and getting ready.

It makes me tired and my head hurt.

I just want to disappear for a while.

Almost everything is annoying me.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blast from the Past

The orange singing "Carmen" from "Sesame Street".


I haven't seen this in years.

Or the man and clams. An old school ecology lesson.

How can you hate frogs?

Meet some animals....

Monday, July 24, 2006

Past lives

I'd like to think I've had a lot more adventures in my past lives than in this one.

I would have wanted to be a female ninja, who specialty is looking hot and using a wire to cut people heads off. (Hahah, just kidding but there is a x-box game of this persuasion).

Ok, either ninja, pirate, or samuraii. Those are my choices.

Here I am today, drunk at Foundation Lounge, right before IL came to get me.

I kinda look the same now, cause I'm bored at work.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I haven't been "blogging" as appropriately much as should.


Been having weird dreams, about death, lost friends, and being helpless.

Could be stress from finances and moving.

Can't wait to get it all done and go on vacation to Nantucket with IL.

Remember "Man at Arms" from "He-Man"? He was cool.

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He-man's alter ego, Prince Adam, was definitely gay.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Jebus = Punk'd Hugh Jackman

By the way, YouTube is Jebus.

This clip is Jebus too.

I love Hugh Jackman.

On Saturday Night Live...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

EDPs, Buddy Holly glasses, scientific experiments concerning donuts, and taxidermy

Yesterday, my EDP (for those that don't know the terminology = exclusive dating partner) brought me as a "guest" to the Harvard Museum Natural History.

I love that place; it's full of dead animals. I'm completely fascinated by taxidermy.

This is not an example of what they do, but a squirrel in a canoe which is cool.

HMHM has some cool extinct animals, like dodos and golden toads. The golden toads of Coasta Rica where last seen in the 80's, much like my last bad perm. The dodo was killed off by man, like Stellar's Sea Cow and the New Zealand Moa. Belows are skeletons of the cow and moa. Moa was the largest flightless bird and the sea cow was similar to the manatee but much bigger and slower.

Anyways, maybe I should go into taxidermy, it may be my only chance to see some of the animals before they go extinct.

Some fucker in Harvard Yard made fun of my new glasses. I hope he falls off a cliff.
Though last night was an orange moon, I should have done some voodoo instead.

I've been purchasing donuts for my NEC stage crew and doing an experiment on sugar intake.

Very, very fascinating.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bitches = sand fleas

Well, as a true American, I went to the Cape (for those that don't know the lingo = Cape Cod) for the July 4th long weekend.

To summarize:
Ate burgers at a sweet house near Brewster.
Went to watch a sunset. (*Believe it was Corporate Beach.*)
Too cloudy for sunset, but no sand fleas.
Instead of said sunset, had a photo shoot for a Christian rock band.
Went to a beach near Brewster.
Went kayaking with a mom.
Ate fried seafood ate beach previously mentioned for sunset.
Realized went to said sunset beach in college for marine invertebrates class at Woods Hole.
Got eaten up by sand fleas. (See below for more.)
Hung out (hanging out = sleeping) at a sweet house in Yarmouth.

I'll not fill you in with all the details.

Though Tuesday morning, as I was first waking up around 6:30am, I heard a crow outside. Aren't they bad omens? Do I believe in superstitions like that?

For those that have not had the privilege of sand fleas, here's one in a larval/pupal stage.

Turns out after their final stage of molting they become similar to gnats. And much more annoying.

They are VISCIOUS -- said sand fleas bit everyone all over their bodies. I keep finding more bites and they itch like the dickens.

I discoverd their scientific name is Bitches annoyinesous.

No, stop laughing, I'm serious.....


Didn't watch any fireworks except those I briefly saw while flipping through the tv channels. Yes, I'm lame but at least I didn't provide anyone with bad company.