Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Holy Oceans, Batman! I can't spell.

The correct spelling and descriptions of the movie I'd like to see is: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

I should learn how to spell Caribbean, as I was a marine biologist.

Do I have to wear a speedo?!

Also been looking up tattoos.
I like this one, but no one else does.

I should just stick with my Japanese themes ideas. I was thinking of my family crests, Ando (my obaasan/sobo = Japanese grandmother), or Akita, my mom's maiden name. Each family in Japan has a crest from feudal/samuraii time. I bought a book on it and have narrowed my families down. I will have to ask my mom for the exact one.

Oh well.


Christopher said...

The pictured tattoo takes up too much space with too little of value. If you want something large, get a goddamned battleship. Or a Nemitz Class carrier. Something with girth.

Of course, you could get kabuki figures in your tattoo as well. Or a tat of buddha and shiva playing rummy. Something interesting. I hear that it's bad luck to mix religions in tattoos, though.

Christopher said...

Hey, did you switch to ATandT?

Marie said...

No, I actually just got rid of my internet.

Christopher said...

Then I have a new fan from ATandT in Boston. Also, a regular Korean visitor.

Did you decide Battleship or Aircraft Carrier?

Christopher said...

By the way, I ate the best damned tomato today. Tell your Mom "Mmmm...." (For those reading this who are not in the know: absolutely none of these message is as perverse as you think. It's all quite literal.)

Christopher said...

these = this