Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Year of the Horse, 1978

As my birthday looms above me, I've been delving into my astrological something-or-others. My Chinese zodiac is the Year of the Horse, and in 1978 it was the Year of the Earth Horse. Does any of this sound like it fits me?

The Year of the Horse
The Horse gleefully gallops into his year, promising his reign to be one of reckless, carefree and romantic abandon. We all gain self-confidence and bravado, and will find ourselves doing the mad, adventurous things we always dreamed of doing, happily finding that the risks we take to be more rewarding than we imagined. The fast pace of the year is one where industry and economics will advance, and entrepreneurs will shine most brightly.

The Horse Personality
Black Beauty
Happy and Light hearted
Exudes sex Appeal
Independent and Non-conformist
Engaging and Charming
Honest and Straightforward
Considerate and Kind-hearted

Dark Horse
Fiery Temper
A Playboy / Playgirl
Restless, Bores Easily

The Earth Horse: 1918, 1978
“The Cautious Horse”
It is a rare thing to find a horse who can settle down, but the Earth Horse will prove the punters wrong and even learn to cooperate with authority when necessary. This congenial chap is less decisive though, hedging his bets and considering all sides before acting. Still, he possesses the business acumen of the Horse, and can bring about a new lease of life to any sagging venture.

Prospects for the Horse in different years

Lucky years for Horse are the years of the Rabbit, the Horse, the Monkey and Dog.

Happy events, prosperity and achievements are in the spotlight, and the recognition of these will bring him much joy.

The years of the Dragon, the Goat, the Rooster, the Tiger and the Ox are fairly mixed – smooth in some ways, seemingly difficult in others. Nevertheless, obstacles presented during these times are never as bad as they seem, and will blow over quicker than the Horse predicts.

Trying times come in the years of the Rat, the Snake, and the Pig. Misfortunes and complications to his plans are likely, and any major decisions in business or love, should be left for now. These are years where the Horse must be cautious and persevering.

For your own interests go to Chinese Astrology.

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