Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We get better with age...

So I saw, "Lucky Number Slevin" last night. It was great! I recommend it for a fun movie. Bruce Willis rocked. He just keeps getting better, even if he is almost the same character everytime. Josh Hartnett and Lucy Liu were also good and nice on the eyes.

I was bored at work as I usually am, and actually investigated "Mission Impossible: 3". The chick from "Felicity" is in it with straight hair. A hottie named Maggie Q, half Polish/Irish and Vietnamese.

I've felt crappy and tired since this past weekend. I think I've got some kind of bug, it seems to be making its rounds. I'm just glad I don't have allergies on top of it.

Married to the Sea, I enjoy because I am a marine biologist, and it has absolutely nothing to do with it. :) Just funny, like this.

or this...

Ahhhhhhh...I feel this is a well-rounded blog.

The end.


Christopher said...

Maggie is easy on the eyes.

Lucy Liu isn't difficult on the corneas either. I loved the fact that her character was so sweet and unlike every other character I've seen her play. She was positively adorable.

Now where's my bunny rabbit?

Anonymous said...

you need to update yo shizzle more often, half-brizzle.