Friday, April 21, 2006

Just keep getting younger and how to show that you're not interested.

Yeah, so my "hotness" seems to be getting more popular and younger.

22-24? Tuba player, leaves me a love note backstage and proposes marriage on my MySpace account.

23, Hot spy who speaks Russian.

21, Formerly religous pianist makes "eye contact" with me, but I don't notice.

18-19, Freshman or sophomore girl asks my friend, Who was that hot girl you came into the store with you?

Notice the trend of people getting younger?

Also, I spend a lot of time with "I should be practicing", and "no" not that kind of time. People get the wrong idea that we're together, even the X asks if we're dating.

I am interfering with his "hotness", so I need to wear a shirt that he suggested said "lesbian". I came up with a better one, "love men, but not Bush". It can be taken anyway you want. And by anyway you want, I mean.....


Christopher said...

It's a rule that you measure low brass players' ages by their shoe sizes. He's probably only 12, then.

I haven't had ironclad testimony confirming the need for the shirt, but it's still advisible.

If you wore the lesbian shirt, you might end up with all kinds of different problems. The kind that get filmed.

The kind that get on the internet...

Rosatia said...

If you are taking votes, I vote for the "Love Men, BUT Not Bush!"

You really are too funny sometimes!

Christopher said...

For (insert deity here)'s sake, it's really quite inconceivable that anyone cannot love Bush. I mean, really...Who are we kidding? It's only the meds that keep your wanton proclivities under control.

Now, about that video.

The Entire Cosmological Universal Big said...

i think its time to make a hot kid sandwhich!

Are all these youngens edible?


Christopher said...

Exactly what constitutes "hot kid" for such a sandwich? At what age does one age out of such a group?

Are there videos of such sandwiches?

Natalie said...

I thought I was the only one with this problem! I seem to only attract men much older or younger than me, and the lesbians always hit on me too.

The OLD lesbians. Nothing against 'em but I don't want to date them.

You can't help it you're so fucking hot they all love you!

tubamike said...

biig feet mean big penis. big penis mean happy wife. dont hate on those with big feet.

tubamike said...

and just because i left u a note doesnt mean i think ur hot.. even though u are a bit silly.