Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Beyond the Fuck-it..."

This refers to the point during whatever you're doing, that you realize you don't care anymore, so you just let loose. Thie gem comes from the big BZ. So right now I'm having a little "BTFI".

I'm at this point in my life.

I FINALLY get paid tomorrow, thank God for a steady job. This has been the longest 2 weeks of my like. The major downside of being a freelance is that that you're never really sure when/where the next paycheck is coming from.

"I should be practicing" have provide me with nurishment this past week, and I owe him some food starting Friday. Mmmmm, Indian food! Yum. Speaking of hungry, I could go for some cashews right now.

Still considering ideas for some tattoos. I'm pretty sure I figured out which crests are from my mom's and grandmom's family, but I have to ask my mom to verify. Which means she might figure out that I'm planning to get a tattoo. Oh well. I'm almost 30, she can deal with it, plus she can tell me, "I told you so", in a couple of years.

Is it wrong to hate people? I don't think people realize how strong that word is, but I feel I may be coming to hate someone. I don't like the feeling.

On a higher note, I really want to be a ridiculous Bond girl.

Check this out "I should be practicing", Anne Akiko Meyers another easy on the eyes halvsie.


Christopher said...

She's not unattractive, but a little old for my taste. She's got a Strad, though. Nice...I don't.

Hate? Don't hate. It takes too much energy. Energy that could be used to feed...(ahem) other people. Especially when they have all of Friday and most of Saturday off.

Christopher said...

An actual, honest-to-god question about this post: BTFI- BZ of coke spraying fame, right?

If so, what did you take from the idea of BTFI? I don't remember reading this one in his book, but it sounds almost like something out of his mouth (besides the profanity). Was there a freedom, and hence an elevation in what you're doing when you reach this stage? Or was it more like when one of those guys snapped in a 'Nam movie...Just pulling the trigger until someone tells him he ran out of bullets minutes ago?