Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"You are what you think about all day long."

I've been a royal ass this past week and a half. Mostly my fault, or basically all my fault. I've been stressed for various reasons, some of which I shouldn't be but am. Plus, March is my hump month. This time of year, I get cranky for sun, heat, flip-flops, men in shorts, and hoochies in minis. (Ok, kidding about the hoochies, or is it hooches?) Unfortunately, my cat (I've been completely ignoring him) and my coworkers have been taking the brunt of it.

I only hope they are better people than I, and do not hate me completely. I know at least one person does.

The title of this entry comes from the fortune cookie that I got at dinner on Monday night. I thought it was very fitting. Being stressed out and feeling like shit, made me a shitty person. I'm not sure where I get that from, but my Momma is very outspoken and my Pop can be cranky. A "super" combination of both, did I get. (Now, I'm turning into Yoda.)

On a lighter side, I've offered everyone on stage crew a Marie knit object. I've got requests for armwarmers, a sweater dress, and embroidered leather pants. Gee, can you guess who asked for those?

I've been in a better mood in general, after a pep talk from a friend late Monday night, lots of communication with my Rosatia, seeing Mikey, dinner and buzz with my dear lawyer friend, and actually "I Should Be Practicing" coming back into town. Can you believe that I just said I need people? I'm just not the tough cookie I used to be in highschool, when I hid in the ladies room, instead of eating lunch. Considering I am just a well-adjusted, lovable, fine individual, can you imagine me hiding in a stall for the entire year of 11th grade? High school was rough.

I also have plans next week to do some single's things and hang out with more friends. I think my bad mood wasn't help out all by being alone.

This place has fantastic farm raised organic yarn. Ok, so not such a good sentence, but can you imagine yarn grazing in a field? Maybe not, but they are Alchemy Yarns, a great name and a great website. I would recommend giving them some web traffic.

Oh, the fortune cookie, also gave me the Chinese for "April"; which isn't coming soon enough. My lucky numbers were: 7,12,35,46,18,6.

The pictures in this entry are an illustration for a video game I played in highschool. I know it is kind of silly, but it was always so beautiful to me. Someplace, that I wished exhisted. It is helping with my craving for green, sun, and magic.

Both pictures of a Tree of Mana, and red ibis birds.

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Anonymous said...

Since when do lawyers provide solace? I can see where "I Should Be Practicing" could provide a pick-me up as he is one sexy bizzeast. And, while he is not a hoochie, he always seems to know where they are and exactly what they're wearing.

And their shoe-sizes...

And occasionally their Social Security numbers...Wait a minute, "ISBP" isn't really a pick-me-up at all. He's just creepy.

Right on.

(Brought to you by the letter "yawp" and my pinkie toe)