Friday, March 24, 2006

Plans for Life

These are my plans to get through life, if one doesn't work, I'll move to the next.

Plan A: Filthy rich on my own, my taking over the stage crew scene in Boston
Plan B: Sleep with appropriate people to do so and find rich guy
Plan C: Be a Bond Girl with shaved head
Plan D: Be a cartoon character with shave head and great body
Plan E: Marry movie star
Plan F: Be a superhero
Plan G-Z: Have arms and teeth made smaller, finish crossword puzzle, drink lots of coffee.

As you can see, I've got the coffee part down of it.


Christopher said...

Err...somewhere in there should be a plan where you act as Chris' plaything to keep him from being bored. Or find him playthings...He's becoming bored with literacy.

Marie said...

I got you a ticket to a show, what more could I do!?!?!