Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gizoogle and Whiny Boys

My newly translated blog:

Thanks to "I Should Be Practicing" for making me feel better.

I love James Blunt, by the way. He's very original, and perfect break-up/crying music.

I purchased the "Happy Hooker" by the chick that did the Stich n' Bitch books. I haven't even started reading it, but it looks "hot".

Anyways, since it is March, I think I should finally get around to my New Year's resolutions. The ones I haven't started are: exercising regularly, eating healthier, being a superb person.

I only exercise, whilst moving pianos, and I don't even do that well. I had for breaky today, roasted-unsalted almonds and Special K with berries (no milk, I don't do white milk, only on occasion chocolate).

As far as being a superb person, I'm at the fantastic level right now, so I'm about 5000 points from being superb. I think I need to seel about 500 more boxes of World's Finest Chocolates, and I'll have enough points to be superb. I can then work on getting to the next level --


Yesterday, Saturday, I actually had the day off. So I planned on calling my parents, doing laundry, and maybe sleep - alot.

I've been drinking a lot of Cola and alchohol recently, but I know it is probably not so good for me, but I'm having a great time.

My newest animal obsession is the kiwi bird of New Zealand. Which by the way must be the most fantastic place on earth. I used to think Oz was until theY had David Hasselhof as a national spokeman for Pepsi. *UGH*


Anonymous said...

Mm...Happy Hooker...I think I know one of those.

Christopher said...

Hope you're doing better. I've found a cure for what ails you...UV rays...Hm...You know what I'm talkin' 'bout. Gonna get a 6th Element fix.