Monday, March 20, 2006

Forgive me Father for I have sinned, it has been 10 days since my last blog entry.

According to Blogger, my last entry was on March 10th, today is March 20th. So as long as my math serves me well, then that's 10 days.

To be honest I don't remember much over the past week and a half.

I did see "Match Point" which was f*#%@'n FANTASTIC! My new Irish crush (sounds like a soda) is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. You know how I love my crazies, and doesn't he look crazy in these pictures?

He'll be my crush until the next movie I see, then whatever.

I had a good work weekend. I got told by one group that they were very happy to have me there at their shows. The other was that I was described as "high caliber", while I was being referred to a job. So that was nice. (Too bad nice, doesn't mean more money always. I could use it. I guess I just have to work on Plan B to get into Symphony.) Plan B involves no morals whatsoever, so it's good that mine have been beaten out of me.

I went out for St. Patty's day with a few friends, it involved drinking, dancing, and checking out hot chicks and guys. I'm trained to look for both.

Did some random internet searching. My name in Hawaiian is "Malia". Kinda cool huh?

I'm doing research on getting a tattoo. I'm looking to get some on my wrists. One idea is to get the Japanese feudal/samurai crests of my gran's maiden name and my mom's maiden name. I've been doing a lot of online searches for information. I guess every family in Japan that was involved in feudal wars or samurai battle had a family crest. There are hundreds of them.

My other tataus (Oceanic term for them), I'd like to do is something with my pop's side. I'm having a harder time finding family crest information. So I'll just keep researching.

I found out that the job at Harvard went to a friend, so I'm not so upset about him getting it. I'll even take him out for a congratulatory drink. Cause I'm such a big person, I mean come on, I'm friends with my ex.

I've been making pipe cleaner creatures, so there is a high possibility that I've reverted back to kindergarten age. Which is fine, cause I had tons of guys all over me then. Oh well. We all have our times of hotness, mine was when I was too young to appreciate it.

Other randomness includes, PetCo. has a new commercial out with a doxie. He as a favorite toy name Bobo, that he takes everywhere. It gets disgusting and his owner throws it away and then takes him to PetCo. to get another one.

I've watched "Serenity" several times this week and want to get my hands on the newest Miyazaki movie.

I decided last night, that if I was a nun with superpowers, that I would be able to fly and breathe underwater. Also I plan on, in the future, discovering a semi-giant land squid and making its scientific name "Butt-face".

Hehehe, you love it.

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Christopher said...

Damnit...No tats in visible places, yo. If someone wants to see them, make 'em work for it.

My time o' hotness was high school, I guess. I hope that means that I don't have to go after that crowd again. That was all kinds of disturbing.

Is it possible to create a new time o' hotness? I know a couple of people who need to take a class on that.

Bad night last night...gurgle