Friday, March 31, 2006

Flip-flops, Crossword Puzzles, and Sudoku

So, it is supposed to hit a high of around 72 degress today!!! I am soooooo excited. In honor, I did my toenails and broke out the dusty flip-flops. My feets won't fail me now!

I've been doing the crossword puzzle every morning with Means, then we let Erica do most of it. Means and I have our days of genious. I finished most of it on Wednesday. Means was brilliant on Thursday, and I've done almost all of the bottom half today.

Haven't quite figured out the Sudoku thing. I know how it works, but have yet to finish a puzzle with out scribbling over most of it. Maybe I'll try todays.

Cash flow is short until next payday, but at least I've got a date tonight, and you can believe he's paying. Actually he offered, so I'm flattered. But he did take my job.

Blah, blah, blah, and blah.


Christopher said...

Where do I start? "Days of genious," huh? How many letters you need for a "genious" there Marie?

Make him take you to some scary dive where he'll be nervous about being knocked out and relieved of a kidney for the black market. Then, knock him out and remove a kidney for the black market. If he doesn't call, it wasn't meant to be. If he comes back, take the other kidney.

A flute player told me the other night that my mind isn't running on a normal track. I don't believe in her. (Not that I don't believe that she's correct...I just don't believe that she exists.)

Marie said...

"Day of genious" was on purpose, for folks like you, that would appreciate it. Kideny, ah kidney.
Normal track? There is a normal track? Who knew?

Christopher said...

Wha? I spelled kidney correctly, damnit. I'm too sure where to look for the normal track. Is that akin to the third rail?

I think I'll still hit the pop show tonight regardless of the fact that I'll be utterly alone. Guess I can get used to being the sole honkey in the room once again. It's been a few years.