Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pizza, Seatbelts, and Getting Up Early

This past Sunday (two days ago), we had a Stage Crew Pizza party! And we didn't even have to pay! YEA!!! It was fun and I've got some pictures to prove it. It also involved a coup by Heather and Eric, and they stole my shoe.

Yesterday, Monday, my best friend in MS, was in a horrible car wreck. She was wearing her seatbelt, as well as her mother and nephew. Basically, the truck with a trailer in front of her had stopped to turn, she stopped behind it, the woman behind her rammed into her at about 50-6o miles per hour. This woman wasn't paying attention she was looking for her 3-year old's toy, he was in the car-seat in the front seat! Basically the front of the woman's car ended up inside my friend's rented SUV. The trailer in front of her ended up in the front of the SUV. She would have probably been seriously injured if she had been in a regular sized car. All are bruised and cut and shook up, but no serious injuries.

Today, Tuesday, I started my new position as Assistant Production Manager. I set 4 alarms to wake up, but that didn't matter, I couldn't sleep!!! I got up offically at 6am, left at 6:40am, got breaky, made it to NEC before 7:30am. It is 8:07 am now, and I've got some time to kill before my next move at 9am. So if I can keep up what I did today, I won't have to worry about being late.


Christopher said...

I hope that they pay for the coke you're going to need to get up every day. (Notice that "coke" is not capitalized, so it's not a trademark infringement, you copyright nazis!)...Unless the Nicaraguans have organizaed and gotten a trademark on their export of choice.

Marie said...