Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let is Snow, Let is Snow, Let it Snow

Sooooo far so good, the children's concert for the afternoon was cancelled -- FANTASTIC!

Waiting to hear about the Shostakovich (probably spelled wrong) fest for the evening...keeping my fingers crossed. I just don't want to trek through the snow.

Well, for anyone who's reading this from other places. I'm a freelance stage manager in the Boston area, and typically I don't have days off. But the gods are smiling at me! I got into this field, because I it was my work-study job at BU. The only down side really is that I'm not in a union, if I were, I'd be on real trouble if "I" went on strike! Hee-hee...
But the good things are have my own schedule, decent pay, lots of free concerts, and no desk job! I've got see Wynton Marsalis, Matt Haimavitz recently and many more in the past. There are a few perks to this job!

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