Friday, February 17, 2006

Insult and Injury

Soooo, I worked a Wind Ensemble concert night, that surprisingly didn't have bad stage changes. A fantastic piece by Ran Blake! And a Messian piece that used like 20 gongs, with one 5 feet big and an almglocken, which was pretty cool. Fred played it.

Kwan took some pics of us with the 5 foot gong, so look for pictures in the future.

Yesterday, E.R. said I was fat, 300 lbs. to be exact. Jokingly, I assumed. Today, I super-smashed my finger putting away some percussion stands.

I avoided getting blood on the stage, but my whole arm was shaking from the shock of the injury. I went hope and scalded it with hot water, and put some Neosporin on it as well.

Oh yeah, I got a promotion. I am now the Assistant Production Manager at NEC. I have to work Monday thru Friday now, from 8am to 4pm. I did get a pay raise.

Sad, thing will be I will miss working evenings and not getting up early. I will miss doing concerts and getting drunk afterward.

I'm excited, mostly about the money, but I'm kinda sad too.


Christopher said...

The only way I could describe the gong to the Han was by reminding her of the opening of Indy Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Promotion? (cough) Lifer. (cough) Does that mean that you can afford to keep me in the manner to which I would like to be accustomed?

Marie said...

Lifer, eh? Maybe, or I'm just biding my time until the next job comes along. Life your accustomed to? I just paid for your dinner -- hee, hee -- Happy Birthday!

Now I've got Indian Jones Theme songg stuck in my head.

xologirl said...

I'm glad that you have that gong picture up! It's so cool, and I've been thiniking about the intro to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom all day, so it was an appropriate thing for me to find!

Congrats on the promotion.

Christopher said...

You're only encouraging her to become a lifer.