Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Europe, Anyone?

My European experience only includes travel in Poland.

I was Warsaw for most of the time. There was a FANTASTIC ice cream place in Old Town, in Warsaw. I got all the people at the American Embassy to go there! I spent a day at Krakow, a beautiful old city. I also went to Auschwitz-Birkenau, a very terrible place.

My fascination with other European countries varies with reasons.

Germany: Bremerhaven, specifically, because my paternal grandparents came from there, and I'd like to see where I came from, as well as mabye other relatives.

Paris: As a fan of Highlander: The Series, you can't help to enjoy the seasons shot around Paris, including a tango on the Eiffel Tower.

London: Those cool double-decker buses and red phone booths. A Giant Clock and a secret treasure.

Italy: The land of white jeans!! Hahaha! Just kidding. A country with such different regions. Plus it looks like a FANTASTIC high-heeled boot!

Buhdapest: My mom said it was beautiful; she traveled about Europe, when she was my age.

Portugal: Azores, looked so beautiful from Lizz's pictures.

Spain: Canary Islands, I like islands and Canaries are pretty.

All the Scandenavian countries!!!

Oh, oh, I need to marry a rich man or make some phat cash soon....

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xologirl said...

A trip to Europe sounds fantastic. Too bad I won't be able to afford it unless I win the lottery.