Monday, February 20, 2006

Apolo Anton Oh-no!!!

Hey, hey, in the spirit of the 2006 Winter Olympics, I've decided to get on an bandwagon (I'm assuming if I fall off, that alchohol will be involved), and pick a Olympian (what a great term, can I be a Stage Crewian?) to dish about.

I picked -- you guessed it -- Apolo Anto Ohno!

I choose him, because he's a halvsie, like myself. Though it may be a toss-up on who is cuter. He's pretty attractive except for the retarded, triangle facial hair. Maybe it looks better in person. He does that super speed skating, only topped by those crazy cool guys that do the skeleton (head first on a sled), and he wears spandex!

Ok, just kidding about the spandex, but he looks better in it that 85% of the U.S.A.

In my google image search, I found this:

Verne Troyer with Steve Irwin and Apolo Anton Ohno

How FREAKING weird is this!?!?!!? Talk about the most random grouping. It would be way better if Steve Irwin was Jeff Corwin, but Vern Troyer is pretty cool.

Oh...Jeff Corwin...he looks much better in shorts that Irwin.


Time to do laundry...

I was vacuuming earlier, and my kitty hissed at the dust-buster. Very entertaining!


xologirl said...

I agree that Ohno is quite a looker, but the swatch of hair on his face really freaked me out. the thing was, when I first saw it, I thought it was some sort of tribal body staining to tattoo and I was OK with it...then I saw a side view and figured out it was hair and I immediately started ranting about the weird hair on his face. I decided in the end that the shape looked good on him, accentuated his face, and for some reason (color or shape maybe) gave more emphasis to his eyes, but I HATED that it was hair.

Marie said...

I love that you use "swatch", you're such a knitt!!! I love it!!