Sunday, February 12, 2006

Adventures in Snow

Sooooo....I get a call around noon from my boss B.W., says the 7pm concert is still a go. This a sold out Shostakovich concert, and his son is supposed to be there. They say they want to have a rehearsal around 4pm, so I should try to get to Jordan around 4pm-ish.
So I leave around 3pm, and it was a decent train ride considering the snow. But when I got to my front door, there was a snow bank, at least 2ft, and I knew there were stairs there, so I was real careful-like to not kill myself. I felt like I was in a PBS special!
So I get off at Hynes Convention Center and start to walk to NEC. As I cross Mass Ave, and try to avoid getting hit by traffic, my phone starts to ring. As I dig it out of my pocket, I start to fall in a snow bank. When I answer, my boss goes, "STOP!"; they came to their senses and cancelled. I was in the snow bank at that point so stopping was pretty easy.
So I went home, but stopped by to pick up some Ramen (yummy, non-goodness!).
I fell asleep and missed The Simpsons, but at least I got to watch some bad Ben Affleck movie. Marrying Jennifer Garner has been the best thing he's done recently.
I wore one of my fanstatic hats from Marie Galvin today!!!! A perfect day for one of her winter hats -- Galvenize HeadWear!


Christopher said...

You should charge your boss for the time spent in transit. And for whatever drugs you're going to need to recover.

Why are you trying to avoid getting hit by traffic on Mass. Ave? They're going pretty slow. You could make plenty o' money that way.

Marie said...

Well, traffic was actually going pretty fast considering it was a blizzard! And I should have waited for the walk sign.