Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Compliment Day

Sooo...on the high side of my day that included losing my voice, freezing my hands off, and still not getting manly attention...I got a compliment from my potent coworker, that "I am NOT huge and ugly."

What a GREAT compliment! I've never felt so good about myself. I think I need to crawl under a rock, or maybe the stage crew desk. This will officially scar me for at least another week.

Oh, yeah....here's a picture of me looking slutty next to the mayor.

If you couldn't figure it out, I'm the tall one next to the mayor. See....I'm not so huge and ugly, am I?

Monday, February 27, 2006

F-IN' Cold

Well, I got up at 6am this morning and it was 8 degrees. I also knew this because there was a cat sleeping on my face. I guess a long weekend of B.Z. made me ill, cause I've got a bit of a fever, a cough, and congestions. "How fascinating!"

After an hour and a half, I went home to recuperate. (I don't think I spelled this right.) Whatever.

I got some garlic (rumored to boost my immune system), some Vicks44, and some OJ (the coke is obviously a given).

Photos from Russ Girsberger's going away party at his office in January.

From February, a photo of Jeff's visit to NEC. Jeff was a former FANTASTIC stage crew.

I look like I'm twelve, don't I?

For those that haven't seen me in a while, "Yes, my hair is black." I dyed it out of boredom and now I'm stuck with it. I've gotten compliments but I don't know if they're just trying to pick my up or what.

"I Should Be Practicing" had an audition today, and I hope it went well. He promised to take us skiing.

I also got a comment from "Fat Tony", makes him sound like a gangster, huh? He could be. Maybe I should stop calling him fat.

Actually he isn't fat at all. I was just pissy from a long weekend. He and Greg are probably the 2 coolest bass players I know, mostly cause they put up with my crap. John, the BZ assistant is pretty FANTASTIC, as well.

Next blog, I'll have a picture of myself with Mayor Menino. I look a little different than usual. I'm wearing a mini-skirt out-fit and a hat, plus lots of make-up.

Feel free to make your own conclusions.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I Am Glad I Didn't Settle Down

Sooo....it has been a long week of my first week as the Assistant Production Manager at Jordan Hall. Mostly because I was helping out with another orchestra, which is why I'm at the computer backstage.

In a random google search I found one of my old classmates from highschool, we were friends and I lost contact. He was a cute at the time. I found he now has a child and a receding hair-line. Ehh..oh well. I should have know that from looking at his dad.

Even though I haven't done a lot of things I have wanted to do, I'm glad I haven't found someone to settle down with in life. If I had a kid right now, I'd go crazy. I mean, I can barely take care of my cat or myself.

I'm was so tired yesterday, I fell alseep on the train home and the conduction couldn't get me to wake up. I almost ended up in the MBTA depot. Then I was talkting to Rosatia and I fell asleep while talking to her, I woke up a couple hours later with the phone in my lap.

Oh well, I'll be single until I look like this again, which is going to take a lot of work.

I used to be attractive. *sigh*

Friday, February 24, 2006

I Need Some Lovin'

Well, today, I got up at 6am, got to work at 7:19am, left there at 4pm, went to another job after buying clothes and getting dinner by 5:30pm, left that one at 11:45pm.

Quote of the day:

"You're a godsend, you really are! And I don't even belive in god and she sent you anyway!"

How tired was I today? I slept through part of a percussion ensemble (they're a little loud).

"Cabinet of Natural Curiosities", by the way is a FANTASTIC book of biological drawings and paintings. I recommend it, if you're into that kind of thing.

I'm getting ready to take out my contacts, and they've been in my eyes for 3 days due to being too exhausted to take them out.

What a day.

I need a massage or a back-rub. Booze and some man-leeee company to go with it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Steven Seagal vs. Carrot Top

Whew, I worked from 7:30am until 10:30pm. What a long day. The only saving grace was the deliverance of a drink.

Random...this is one weird-ass picture...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pizza, Seatbelts, and Getting Up Early

This past Sunday (two days ago), we had a Stage Crew Pizza party! And we didn't even have to pay! YEA!!! It was fun and I've got some pictures to prove it. It also involved a coup by Heather and Eric, and they stole my shoe.

Yesterday, Monday, my best friend in MS, was in a horrible car wreck. She was wearing her seatbelt, as well as her mother and nephew. Basically, the truck with a trailer in front of her had stopped to turn, she stopped behind it, the woman behind her rammed into her at about 50-6o miles per hour. This woman wasn't paying attention she was looking for her 3-year old's toy, he was in the car-seat in the front seat! Basically the front of the woman's car ended up inside my friend's rented SUV. The trailer in front of her ended up in the front of the SUV. She would have probably been seriously injured if she had been in a regular sized car. All are bruised and cut and shook up, but no serious injuries.

Today, Tuesday, I started my new position as Assistant Production Manager. I set 4 alarms to wake up, but that didn't matter, I couldn't sleep!!! I got up offically at 6am, left at 6:40am, got breaky, made it to NEC before 7:30am. It is 8:07 am now, and I've got some time to kill before my next move at 9am. So if I can keep up what I did today, I won't have to worry about being late.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Apolo Anton Oh-no!!!

Hey, hey, in the spirit of the 2006 Winter Olympics, I've decided to get on an bandwagon (I'm assuming if I fall off, that alchohol will be involved), and pick a Olympian (what a great term, can I be a Stage Crewian?) to dish about.

I picked -- you guessed it -- Apolo Anto Ohno!

I choose him, because he's a halvsie, like myself. Though it may be a toss-up on who is cuter. He's pretty attractive except for the retarded, triangle facial hair. Maybe it looks better in person. He does that super speed skating, only topped by those crazy cool guys that do the skeleton (head first on a sled), and he wears spandex!

Ok, just kidding about the spandex, but he looks better in it that 85% of the U.S.A.

In my google image search, I found this:

Verne Troyer with Steve Irwin and Apolo Anton Ohno

How FREAKING weird is this!?!?!!? Talk about the most random grouping. It would be way better if Steve Irwin was Jeff Corwin, but Vern Troyer is pretty cool.

Oh...Jeff Corwin...he looks much better in shorts that Irwin.


Time to do laundry...

I was vacuuming earlier, and my kitty hissed at the dust-buster. Very entertaining!

Music Terms 2006

Obbligato - being forced to practice
Con Moto - yeah baby, I have a car
Allegro - a little car
Metronome - short, city musician who can fit into a Honda Civic
Lento - the days leading up to Easto
Largo - beer brewed in Germany or the Florida Keys
Piu Animato - clean out the cat's litter box
Con Spirito - drunk again
Colla Voce - this shirt is so tight I can't sing
Improvisation - what you do when the music falls down
Prelude - warm-up before the clever stuff
Flats - English apartments
Chords - things organists play with one finger
Discords - thing that organists play with two fingers
Suspended Chords - useful for lynching the vocalist
Time Signatures - things for drummers to ignore
Melody - an ancient, now almost extinct art in songwriting
Klavierstuck - A term used by German furniture movers attempting to get a piano through a narrow doorway.
Music Stand - An intricate device used to hold music. Comes in two sizes- too high or too low - always broken.
Tonic - A medicinal drink consumed in great quantity befoe a performance, and in greater quantity afterwards.
Dominant - What parents must be if they expect their children to practice.
Concert Hall - A place where large audiences gather, for the sole purpose of removing paper wrappings from candy and gum.
Soto Voce - singing while drunk
Agogic - playing high enough on an oboe to make the eyes bulge.
Cadenza - slapping noise on office furniture
Fandango - grabbing the pull chain on the ceiling fan
Prima Volta - jump start with a battery
Refrain - proper technique for playing bagpipes
Smorzando - with melted chocolate and marshmallow

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Photos of Injury, and the GONG

So this is a photo of my finger, after catching it between two percussion stands. Ouch.
Do my ears look funny to you?
This is after it bled out a bit (onto some percussion) and I washed it with HOT water.

Thanks to Kwan for the photo!

For those of you that didn't believe there was giant 5 foot gong in Jordan Hall...
Here it is in all it's glory. It was hung from rope in the celing, cause we didn't have a stand big enough.

That's me, dragging my co-working in front of it, so we can have proof of its existance. (Kind of like tracking Big Foot.) I'm about 5' 10", so bending over makes me half of that, despite all 300 lbs of me.

Tonight was the re-scheduled Shostakovich. We started at 8:10 pm, intermission was at 9:34 pm, and the second half started at 10 pm. It was over at 11 pm. That's when my shift ends. So of course, I didn't leave then, the "lifer" that I am.

I did get a bunch of flowers that people left backstage! I'll post a photo of my ghetto arrangement in a few days.

My other co-worker gave me a great quote today. It is a shout out to all those that went to T.C.A.

"Never go Christian when under the influence of alchohol."

I laughed so hard when he said that.

Ooooo...ooooo, I read limericks to front of house today. My favorite one was about a rabid squirrel. I'll have to find it again....oh, wait! Here it is, by Rollio...

"I once knew a squirrel named Steven
Whose teeth were sparkly and even.
But then he got rabies
And ate all his babies -
SO I figured that I should be leavin'."

On that note, time for bed.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Insult and Injury

Soooo, I worked a Wind Ensemble concert night, that surprisingly didn't have bad stage changes. A fantastic piece by Ran Blake! And a Messian piece that used like 20 gongs, with one 5 feet big and an almglocken, which was pretty cool. Fred played it.

Kwan took some pics of us with the 5 foot gong, so look for pictures in the future.

Yesterday, E.R. said I was fat, 300 lbs. to be exact. Jokingly, I assumed. Today, I super-smashed my finger putting away some percussion stands.

I avoided getting blood on the stage, but my whole arm was shaking from the shock of the injury. I went hope and scalded it with hot water, and put some Neosporin on it as well.

Oh yeah, I got a promotion. I am now the Assistant Production Manager at NEC. I have to work Monday thru Friday now, from 8am to 4pm. I did get a pay raise.

Sad, thing will be I will miss working evenings and not getting up early. I will miss doing concerts and getting drunk afterward.

I'm excited, mostly about the money, but I'm kinda sad too.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day and David Hasselhoff

I managed to lose my first post of this, so I'll try to be as clever and witty as the first time I wrote it.

I missed out on a skii trip with Bush and Han family, because I have to work tomorrow, but maybe next time, I can do a Sonny Bono - r.i.p.

Instead, I had a good time hanging out with my friend Mike. We went to P.F. Chang's and flirted with the waiter, and ate good food. Then I got this really weird fortune cookie....

"Ssoorrrryy,, dduupplleexx sswwiittcchh oonn.."

I asked the cute waiter, "What the hell?". He asked the woman who makes them and she said she was probably bored and the keys were lock on duplicate....STRANGE!

The back of it told me how to say "watch" in Chinese, but which one? The "clock-type" or the "I see a hot guy-type"...can't you tell I'm single again?

Oooooohhhhh, now you ask, "What does David Hasselhoff have to do with my day"?

Well, in a random search for knowledge on the internet, I found that D.H. was in a Pepsi Campaign in Austrailia for bus stop and subway posters.

For your viewing pleasure-ification....


Now you can scratch out your eyes.

Both are disturbing and even slightly perverted...symbolism anyone?

But after seeing this, I definitely prefer Coca-Cola to Pepsi and my perfect image of Australia may be waning...maybe if a crocodile was having a go at D.H., then I might be no longer disturbed.

I thought he was only big in Germany?

Happy V-day to all, and to all a good night!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Europe, Anyone?

My European experience only includes travel in Poland.

I was Warsaw for most of the time. There was a FANTASTIC ice cream place in Old Town, in Warsaw. I got all the people at the American Embassy to go there! I spent a day at Krakow, a beautiful old city. I also went to Auschwitz-Birkenau, a very terrible place.

My fascination with other European countries varies with reasons.

Germany: Bremerhaven, specifically, because my paternal grandparents came from there, and I'd like to see where I came from, as well as mabye other relatives.

Paris: As a fan of Highlander: The Series, you can't help to enjoy the seasons shot around Paris, including a tango on the Eiffel Tower.

London: Those cool double-decker buses and red phone booths. A Giant Clock and a secret treasure.

Italy: The land of white jeans!! Hahaha! Just kidding. A country with such different regions. Plus it looks like a FANTASTIC high-heeled boot!

Buhdapest: My mom said it was beautiful; she traveled about Europe, when she was my age.

Portugal: Azores, looked so beautiful from Lizz's pictures.

Spain: Canary Islands, I like islands and Canaries are pretty.

All the Scandenavian countries!!!

Oh, oh, I need to marry a rich man or make some phat cash soon....

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Spider-Hunter

If your a fan of PBS, check out "The Real Life Adventure of the Spider-Hunter"!
Stan Lee quest stars as they compare Spider-man's powers to real spiders.
Here's some inforThe Spider-Hunter.

It was a pretty cool show, and I watched it around 3 times, cause they kept playing it last night. *As in 4am.*

Rest in Peace - Peter Benchley

The creator of "Jaws", and other terrors of the sea has passed on...

He is one of the reasons, I first got interested in marine biology.

My earth science teacher was an extra in "Jaws 2", as a child on the beach. My dad met him on Nantucket, when they were both there in the 60's. Nantucket is where my dad was a cop for a while, in between stints in the Navy.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Adventures in Snow

Sooooo....I get a call around noon from my boss B.W., says the 7pm concert is still a go. This a sold out Shostakovich concert, and his son is supposed to be there. They say they want to have a rehearsal around 4pm, so I should try to get to Jordan around 4pm-ish.
So I leave around 3pm, and it was a decent train ride considering the snow. But when I got to my front door, there was a snow bank, at least 2ft, and I knew there were stairs there, so I was real careful-like to not kill myself. I felt like I was in a PBS special!
So I get off at Hynes Convention Center and start to walk to NEC. As I cross Mass Ave, and try to avoid getting hit by traffic, my phone starts to ring. As I dig it out of my pocket, I start to fall in a snow bank. When I answer, my boss goes, "STOP!"; they came to their senses and cancelled. I was in the snow bank at that point so stopping was pretty easy.
So I went home, but stopped by to pick up some Ramen (yummy, non-goodness!).
I fell asleep and missed The Simpsons, but at least I got to watch some bad Ben Affleck movie. Marrying Jennifer Garner has been the best thing he's done recently.
I wore one of my fanstatic hats from Marie Galvin today!!!! A perfect day for one of her winter hats -- Galvenize HeadWear!

Let is Snow, Let is Snow, Let it Snow

Sooooo far so good, the children's concert for the afternoon was cancelled -- FANTASTIC!

Waiting to hear about the Shostakovich (probably spelled wrong) fest for the evening...keeping my fingers crossed. I just don't want to trek through the snow.

Well, for anyone who's reading this from other places. I'm a freelance stage manager in the Boston area, and typically I don't have days off. But the gods are smiling at me! I got into this field, because I it was my work-study job at BU. The only down side really is that I'm not in a union, if I were, I'd be on real trouble if "I" went on strike! Hee-hee...
But the good things are have my own schedule, decent pay, lots of free concerts, and no desk job! I've got see Wynton Marsalis, Matt Haimavitz recently and many more in the past. There are a few perks to this job!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

George Lucas in Love

Octopus Eating a Shark!

A FANTASTIC clip from a PBS special on the great octopus!

Praying for Snow

Yes, as much as I despise winter, I'm praying for at least 2 feet of snow. There's a concert this weekend, that I really don't want to work, and I wouldn't have to except for Mr. E. (He know's who he is.)

Please, please snow BIG time.....

Friday, February 10, 2006

Simpsons Voice Actors on Conan

A great clip from Conan!


I love Double Chocolate Milano cookies....that's all I have to say.