Tuesday, January 17, 2006



I haven't posted in almost 2 month, I'm not being censored just being lazy.

Have you ever wondered what "that song" was on a TV commercial or a movie trailer? If you have you may fine your answer at the wonderfule ADTUNES.COM; this site is a great source!


xologirl said...

What's up with the Lantana? That is Lantana, yeah?

Oh, and I LOVE adtunes. Jonathan uses is a lot to look up things for me...I pester when commercials I like come on "what's that song, what's that song?" Especially when there was a song on the HP photo printer commercials during the U.S. open. The song is "Let me take your Photo" but I SWEAR they were singing"Let me take your clothes off". Turns out I'm not the only one that has heard it that way either!

Marie said...

I'm not sure what is was. It is one of my mom's plants.